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The Journal of the Mysteries of Technology

The journal is the publication of research of authors working in the various sciences and technology fields who also have backgrounds in spiritual and consciousness research. With science and technologies no longer limited  to the lifeless realm, the working of living processes vibrating from human consciousness is open to research. The MysTech Journal draws researchers from all fields of study to trace as clear a line as possible to a future science and technology that are based on an elevated human capacity of a moral intuition.

Volume IV | Issue 1 - 2020

$8 Digital Publication (Online Version ONLY)

In This Issue:

  • Hegelʼs Redemption of Logic |Daniel Perez
  • Defending Our Capacity for Attention and Empathy | Boyd Collins
  • Epistemology and the Ethers | Hugh Lovel
  • The Double Becomes Those Spidery Beings | Andrew Linnell
  • Social Media and Spiritual Science | Andrew Linnell
  • Cover Art "Three Choices" | Artist: Lois Schroff

Volume III | Issue 2 - 2019

$8 Digital Publication (Online Version)
$12 + Shipping Printed Version Available

In This Issue:
  • Technology as Catalyst for Spiritual Development Daniel Perez
  • Electricity and Magnetism Gopi Krishna Vijaya
  • Eurythmy as a Counterbalance to Technology Lynn Stull
  • What Will Become of the Human Double Andrew Linnell
  • Deus Ex Machina: A Review of the book American Cosmic Anne Nicholson
  • Cover Art "Bahram Gur Slays a Dragon" Artist: Cappy Thompson

Volume III | Issue 1 - 2019

$8 Digital Publication (Online Version)
$12 + Shipping Printed Version Available

In This Issue:
  • Technology’s Spiritual Source Daniel Perez
  • The Elements in the Past, Present and Future Gopi Krishna Vijaya
  • Footprints of the Spirit Boyd Collins
  • Hephaestus: God of Technology Andrew Linnell
  • 5G and Spiritual Science Andrew Linnell
  • Morality Born Out of Ourselves Dr. Golda Joseph
  • Cover Art "Symbols" Artist: Lois Schroff

Volume II | Issue 2 - 2018

$8 Digital Publication (Online Version)
$12 + Shipping Printed Version Available

In This Issue:
  • Measure, Number and Weight Gopi Krishna Vijaya
  • Destination Emancipation Andrew Linnell
  • Questions MysTech Asks Jason Benton
  • Technology and the Ancient Sibylline Spirits Daniel Perez
  • Spelt from Sibyl's Leaves Gerard Manley Hopkins
  • A Glimps of Humanity 6000 - 8000 CE Andrew Linnell
  • First MysTech Gathering Rosemary McMullen
  • Humanities Last Stand Review by Andrew Linnell
  • "The White Magician - The Fruit of the Heart" Artist Helen Chamberlain

Volume II | Issue 1 - 2018

$8 Digital Publication (Online Version Only)

In This Issue:
  • Foundations for Moral Technology Gopi Krishna Vijaya
  • Keely Technology and Eight Related Idea Complexes Stephen E. Usher, PhD
  • On Consciousness, AI, and Robotics Andrew Linnell
  • Michael School Art: Techné Deeds Rosemary McMullen
  • Manfred Bleffert’s “America” David Adams
  • “. . . about the will in the artistic process of 3D design on computers” Paul-Gerhard Reeh reported by David Adams
  • Reflections of a MysTech Beginner Patrick English

Volume I | Issue 2 - 2017​

$8 Digital Publication (Online Version Only)

In This Issue:
  • Illuminating the Mysteries of Technology with the Light of Spiritual Science By Florian Sydow
  • Preparing for the Future By Andrew Linnell
  • Computer Technology By Dr. Gopi Krishna Vijaya
  • Protection Against EMR By Andrew Linnell

Volume I | Issue 1 - 2017​

$8 Digital Publication (Online Version Only)

In This Issue:

  • From The Editor, Frank Dauenhauer
  • Sub-Nature and Electronics, Andrew Linnel
  • Silence and Shadows, Christina Sophia
  • Cosmic and Geographic Forces, Brian Gray
  • Vulcan Supermen, Andrew Linnel

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