Translocation or Transformation of the Ahrimanic and Luciferic - A 2 Part Series

These webinars were given on March 28 & April 25, 2020

HOSTED BY Andrew Linnell



Are will continue from his last webinar in describing his training methods towards enactment of the Translocation, Transformation, or hiding of spiritual entities, especially the ahrimanic and luciferic entities related to electromagnetic radiation (EMR). In this webinar, you will learn his technique to neutralize the pathologic effects of EMR. Are will offer exercises to develop such capacities.

Are Thoresen is the author of these two recent books you can purchase now through Rudolf Steiner Bookstore:

Demons and Healing: The Reality of the Demonic Threat and the Doppelgänger in the Light of Anthroposophy: Demonology, Christology and Medicine.

Experiences from the Threshold and Beyond: Understood through Anthroposophy



  • Andrew Linnell
    Andrew Linnell

    Andrew Linnell is a graduate of the University of Michigan (MSE '73), a member of the Anthroposophical Society since 1979, and president of the Boston Branch. A former CTO with over 40 years in the computer industry, he is co-founder of MysTech. He also runs He studied art history with William Mann at Emerson College, Sussex, England.

  • Are Thoresen
    Are Thoresen

    Author of 9 books and dozens of papers, Are is a research veterinarian based in Norway. His work has helped to bring acupuncture and homeopathy to the treatment of animals. He helped to found the Scandinavian School of Holistic Horse-Therapy in 2002. He has accepted the call for him to speak at 5 international congresses on his work. He is called upon to bring healing to illnesses of an unknown source. EMR has often been the cause and this has led Are to develop his Christian-based healings.


Apr 25 2020


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